Key People

Our legal team consists of reliable and driven professionals who thrive when faced with challenges of any complexity. They follow a pragmatic approach, while confidently basing their work on truthfulness, morality, and service excellence. Above all, they believe in building strong client-attorney relationships, catering to the demands and requirements of each individual case.

Maria Kannava

Managing Director

  • Licensed to practice law in 2001
  • Academic Degrees: Bachelor of Laws Degree at the University of Warwick, Master of Laws Degree in Commercial Law at the University of Bristol
  • Professional Qualifications: Admitted to the Cyprus Bar Association, Licensed Insolvency Practitioner
  • Practice areas: Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Property Law, Intellectual Property, Immigration Law.
  • Languages: Greek, English.

As an established advocate with more than 20+ years of experience in the law practice industry, Maria Kannava is a specialized professional in the whole spectrum of Corporate, Commercial, Intellectual Property, Immigration, as well as Property Law.

Maria graduated from the University of Warwick with an LL.B (Hons) degree in Law and subsequently obtained a Master’s Degree (LL.M) in Commercial Law from the University of Bristol.

Being a member of the Cyprus Bar Association, she is a licensed insolvency practitioner (IP), possessing expertise in Insolvency Law, Financial Services, and Regulatory Framework. Moreover, Maria Kannava has a strong track record in handling various corporate litigation cases, as well as in providing effective legal consultancy throughout the years of her dedicated work.

Contact Email: [email protected]

Counsel With Courage

As a founding partner in her previous law firm back in 2010, Maria Kannava has demonstrated a hands-on approach on corporate, commercial, intellectual property, real estate and immigration matters, advising both individual and corporate clients regarding legal, corporate governance and compliance matters. Maria was also appointed as a Compliance Officer for all the group of companies that her previous law firm was managing.

Characterizing herself as a strong and progressive entrepreneur at heart, Maria Kannava has begun her venture as the Managing Director of ‘Kannava Law’, aiming to offer committed leadership and mastery in overcoming challenges in the legal world. Her aim for the future is to diligently nurture and further evolve Kannava Law as a leading legal force, ensuring client satisfaction, dedicated hard work, and a team of reliable attorneys along the way.

Christiana Askanis


  • Academic Degrees: Bachelor of Laws Degree (LLB) at the University of London,
  • Bachelor Degree in English Literature at the University of Northampton
  • Professional Qualifications: Admitted to the Cyprus Bar Association
  • Practice areas: Property Law, Contract Law, Construction Law, Trusts Law, Employment Law, Company Law,
  • Languages: Greek, English.

Christiana Askanis joined KANNAVA LAW as a partner in 2022. She holds an LLB (Hons) from the University of London and is a Member of the Cyprus Bar Association.

Christiana has been working in the construction and property development industry for the last 14 years and has extensive experience in corporate matters related to commercial real estate transactions and investments, sales / leases and various property, land and business disputes and negotiations.  Her experience also includes contract / partnership negotiation and drafting, landlord – tenant disputes and construction disputes.

At KANNAVA LAW, Christiana provides advice to clients regarding commercial property transactions and represents clients in business disputes and negotiations. Her main areas of practice are Property Law, Contract Law, Construction Law, Trusts Law, Company Law, Employment Law and Business Development.

Christiana is also developing and enhancing her professional skills in the area of Family Law and more specifically divorce, adoption, child custody / maintenance, matrimonial and family disputes.

Contact Email: [email protected]

Monika Chrysanthou

Corporate Manager/ Team Leader

  • Academic Degrees: BSc in Psychology – University of Surrey, MA in Clinical Psychologoy – University of Indianapolis, Systemic Psychotherapist and child and family psychotherapist – Systemic Institute of Psychotherapy, Cyprus
  • Practice areas: Corporate Adminitration, Property Transactions, Immigration matters.
  • Languages: Greek, English.

Monika is working in the corporate field for 7 years. She started as a corporate administrator and soon moved to the position of Head of the Corporate Department to the firm she used to work. Her work of ethic is based on leading rather than managing, trying to help each one of the members of her team to reach their full potential.

She studied Clinical Psychology and recently has become a Systemic Psychotherapist. Her educational background has helped her have good communication with both her colleagues and the clients. Integrity and empathy are two of the characteristics found on her everyday interaction with the clients, associates and colleagues. She is an ambitious and committed person with creative thinking, and problem solving abilities.  She is a highly motivated person and known for her organizational skills and her hard-working character.

Monika’s responsibilities vary from ensuring that companies’ records are duly maintained, that all statutory documents are completed and signed, to preparing and holding directors’ and shareholders’ meetings.  She further undertakes the formation and on-going administration of Cyprus and foreign companies.

Monica further handles property transactions, real estate and immigration matters for foreign clients and is deeply involved in all aspects of Permanent Residency and other residence permits of the Republic of Cyprus.

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Our Firm's DNA

Our Core Values

The values we preach are the ones which separate us from the rest professionally and make us stand out in the law practice industry. Due to our strong firm culture of client empowerment and deep-rooted work ethic, our practitioners strive to incorporate fruitful collaboration and effective development as fundamental parts of our everyday work.

Motivation and passionate leadership represent the dominant forces behind our attorneys’ professional integrity, discipline, and utmost dedication to each individual client’s representation. Moreover, as a team, our professionals take the personalized approach when it comes to their advice and counselling services, always aiming to meet the respective needs of each client.


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